Artists Gathering Group 

Every Monday

From 11 October –27 December 2021

3:00pm – 7:00 pm

To register, click here 

Join us every Monday for the Artist Gathering at Mathaf entrance to meet artists. 

Collaboration Workshop with Doha art hub artists gathering, where artists meet with you.

The Doha art hub is an artist platform of weekly gatherings for artists that includes activities and much more.

The meetings include:
- Artists getting to know each other
- Discussions of useful Art information
- Announcements of new events in Doha
- Artists live painting
- The artists welcomes the audience and provide a brief on their artistic work.  

Providing the venue to meet and introduce artists to families, share information also increase the art community, It’s a good opportunity for the families or students to meet artists in Qatar in one place to educate them about art and have a lot of fun.