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    Mathaf Library

    A research library devoted to modern and contemporary Arab art

The Mathaf Library, or Maktaba in Arabic, is a research library housing a comprehensive collection devoted to modern and contemporary Arab art from the region.

The library has one of the largest and most comprehensive collection of books and publications on general art history,modern art world wide and art history, with a special focus on the Arab world. Publications are in English, Arabic and a number of other languages.

The library is the perfect place for quiet study and research. You will be surrounded by over 7,000 books as well as works of art dotted around the space. If you are researching one of our temporary exhibitions, our curators, if available, may also be able to assist you. 

Arabic and English speaking staff are available during opening hours to help locate relevant collections and reference materials for research.

If you need to take a short break from your studies, the Mathaf café is closeby.

Please note: Mathaf Maqha is temporarily closed for maintenance work to be carried out.