Mathaf Summer Camp Online

11, 18, 25 August and 1 September 2020  

Mathaf summer program is an annual program dedicated for young children to learn about the museum’s collection and exhibitions through deep observation, discussion and analysis of artworks and participating in hands-on learning activities. This introduces children to different concepts and practices behind modern and contemporary art. Activities will be presented on our IGTV @MathafModern .  

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Mathaf Curatorial Forum 2020: Curating through Catastrophe: Re-imagining Borders and Circulations

10, 11 and 12 August 2020

This annual program led by Mathaf Curators and invited speakers, opens debates on curatorial thinking and practices, introducing ideas and methodologies around the discourse of art and the histories and networks of curatorial practice. This year’s edition titled, “Curating through Catastrophe: Re-imagining Borders and Circulations” is led by Marwa Arsanios, artist, filmmaker and researcher, Ute Meta Bauer, Curator, Khwezi Gule, Curator, Randa Maroufi, an artist and filmmaker, and Gabi Ncgobo, Curator. The programme is hosted by Mathaf Curatorial and Research members, Ranjit Hoskote, Abdellah Karroum, Lina Ramadan, Nora Abdulmajeed. The programme concludes at 6 PM on Wednesday, 12 August with an online public panel discussion with the guest speakers, moderated by Mathaf Curators. 

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Mathaf Talk: Asmaa al-Issa on ‘palm navigation’ .

Moderated by Lina Ramadan
DATE: 20 MAY 2020
TIME: 09:00PM-10:00PM

ornamentations series 2, 2019. Wood embroidery hoop, washi paper, graphite, gold thread, glass beads. 15cm diameter

Artist Asmaa al-Issa speaks about her project ‘palm navigation’. The talk explores al-Issa’s artistic and research and practice that is centered on the notion of patterns within spiritual and cultural experiences. Sharing a selection of sculptures, installations and photographs, al-Issa highlights the sources of inspiration of: visiting hundun's territory (2017), land of many rivers (burlap) (2019) and ornamentations (2019)  

Portrait photo is by Reza Rezai

Asmaa al-Issa (b.1991, Baghdad) holds a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary studies from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, CA (2017), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the University of Calgary, CA (2013). In 2018, she received a teaching fellowship at VCUArts, Qatar where she was also an artist in residence. Al-issa’s work engages her lived experiences with the land, materials, and people around her. She continually builds on her knowledge of materials, traditions, philosophies, theories, and histories of the Middle East, while developing her practice as an artist and educator. Al-Issa is currently based in Calgary, CA.

International Collaborations

Our world is burning at Palais de Tokyo – Paris is an exhibition conceived in collaboration with MATHAF from 21 February – 13 September 2020

Photo from Our World is Burning © Palais de Tokyo featuring Sammy Baloji, Untitled, 2018

Mathaf Talk with Rima Kaddissi:

Low-Tech art in High-Tech age

Cancelled until further notice

Join artist Rima Kaddissi as she presents her low-tech artistic practice in the midst of the current technological disruption. The artist will take us on a journey through a series of experiments she underwent in a face-a-face endeavor with the Computer.
The talk explores interdisciplinary relationships between art, science and technology. How could emerging technologies assist the creative process? How do we aspire to expand the human experience with the rise of the virtual realm as a possible new medium and platform?
Kaddissi will question our potential role, as those working in the creative sector, should we decide to step in and collaborate in writing the story of our future.

Rima Kaddissi was born in Lebanon in 1978. Ranging from performance to installation, video, and sound art, Kaddissi’s practice explores the impact of technology on the human body with its glitches and possible perfectness.
Since 2006, Kaddissi started developing the Artists’ Colab, the key structure of PACE, a cross-disciplinary Platform for Artistic Collaboration and Experimentation. Her research has been implemented in several academic and cultural institutions. She is currently teaching at ALBA (Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts) in Beirut.

Mathaf Talk is a series of educational public interventions focused on research and knowledge production around the strategies and practices of modern and contemporary art. The program invites artists and art professionals and aims to engage both the academic and local community, in larger conversations around artistic practices in Qatar and around the world.