De/Constructed Meanings

Past Exhibition

This project space exhibition showcases the evolution of linguistic systems within critiques of ideology, produced in collaboration with VCUarts xLab and artists Hala Amer, Saga Elkabbash, Levi Hammett and Giovanni Innella.

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De/Constructed Meanings is a project space exhibition in collaboration with VCUarts Qatar xLab and artists. It focuses on an installation that acts as a writing device on sand, showcasing the evolution of linguistic interpretations. While using a programmed coding system, it applies text through the lens of the deconstruction theory developed by Jaques Derrida. The work interrogates itself and the audience on the postcolonial shifts in the culture inherently consumed in the Arab region through its diverse histories and experiences.

Artists: Hala Amer, Saga Elkabbash, Levi Hammett and Giovanni Innella

Type Design: Maryam Al-Homaid

Software Development: George Paul

Co-curated by: Noora Abdulmajeed and Rim Albahrani

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