Selections from the Collection (2013)

Past Exhibition

Drawn from Mathaf’s permanent collection, the artworks in this exhibition highlight the museum’s diversity of works that range from paintings and works on paper to mixed media and sculpture.

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Made between 1966 and 2010, the artworks exhibited in these galleries share an artistic vocabulary that employs visual elements such as form, color, and line to create predominantly non-figurative compositions.

Featured in this exhibition are artworks by well-known artists, such as Hassan Sharif, Mohammed el-Melehi, and Ahmed Nawar, whose works have been previously exhibited at Mathaf, alongside artworks that are displayed here for the first time.

With this exhibition, Mathaf continues to share its collection and envisions Selections from the Collection as a platform for research about artists, artworks, and the context of their production.


  • Armen Agop
  • Kamal Boullata
  • Mounir Canaan
  • Nasir Chaura
  • Saloua Raouda Choucair
  • Faraj Daham
  • Ali Hassan
  • Hussein Madi
  • Mohammed el-Melehi
  • Rafa al-Nasiri
  • Ahmed Nawar
  • Salam Omar
  • Ayman el-Semary
  • Abdelraheem al-Shareef
  • Hassan Sharif
  • Parviz Tanavoli