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Since its establishment, Mathaf’s curatorial and research team has championed the study of modern and contemporary art history focusing on the Arab region and other areas with a common identity and experience. This legacy has led to the establishment of valuable resources and information, accessible to local and international audiences, ranging from students and academics to cultural practitioners.

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The Curatorial and Research Department has peer-reviewed biographies, articles and interviews available online on Mathaf Encyclopedia of Modern Art and Arab World.

In addition to our online resources, you can find publications and guides on temporary exhibitions and permanent collections accessible at the library or through online purchase.

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We welcome researchers to Mathaf. Access to the collections is granted to researchers with clear research goals and institutional affiliations for legitimate research and educational purposes only. Some of the objects in the collection are of a highly sensitive nature and access to them may be restricted.

Please read our Research Access Policy before you apply to undertake research.

Then complete the Research Request Form so that we may best assist you.