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School Programmes

Our school programmes offer a wide range of learning activities from kindergarten to grade 12, for both local independent and international schools. They are aligned with the new Ministry of Education and Higher Education Art Curriculum Standards. Programmes can be delivered in English or Arabic.

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Guided School Visits

Grade 1 – Grade 12

During these one-hour guided visits, Mathaf educators lead interactive, theme-based lessons that explore three to four works of art in depth through discussion and creative work in the galleries.

Dates: Sunday through Thursday during the academic year

Times: 9–10am and 10–11am

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Art Lessons for Students

Kindergarten – Grade 12

Our art lessons for students engage a wide range of participants to visit and participate and explore modern and contemporary art. Each session focuses on a particular work in the galleries followed by a workshop that explores colour theory and techniques.

Dates: Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the academic year

Times: 10–11am

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Storytime for Students

Kindergarten and Primary School Grades

This programme gives the opportunity for students to explore art through storytelling and explore storytelling through art by reading together, artwork analysis and taking part in hands-on learning activities.

Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays during the academic year

Times: 9–10am and 10–11am

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Planning Your School Visit

Guided Visits

The format of guided visits includes intensive conversations around three to four artworks in the museum. We believe that students need multiple ways to experience an artwork, therefore, we include activities such as writing, drawing and small group conversations as part of our plans. The visit can be tailored to connect with your needs depending on what subject(s) you hope will be enhanced by a museum visit.

Guided visits are available in English or Arabic.

Booking Your Visit

Please contact us to discuss the best dates and times for your visit. Visits are generally scheduled between 9 and 11am.

The museum is able to accommodate two groups of up to 25 students. We require that a teacher (and chaperones if possible) attend and support the visit. We cannot accept groups without a prior booking.

Please carefully read the pre and post-visit activities guide with your class.


Mathaf is located at the edge of Education City off of Al-Luqta Street. Buses can drop off and pick up at the gate or park onsite.

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Students may store belongings in our lockers, and we provide all materials necessary for activities.


Photography of the artwork is not permitted. Group shots in the galleries are permitted by permission only.

We ask that students do not bring cameras or smart phones into the galleries during tours. We occasionally document school visits for use in promotional materials. We will request your approval before use of said documentation.


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